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Based Heisenberg: GUN CONTROL


Alright kids, I see a lot of people going back and forth about guns and gun control. However, people who seem to know aboslutley nothing about the subject also seem to be the loudest.

So, here’s the deal-

You are not qualified to talk about gun control if one or more of the items on this list…

Pistol Packin' Mommas

Page I made for us ppm’s to connect, share stories, learn from each other etc… No political posts. Only posts about moms, kids & firearms. Supporters are welcome.

Jessica Carr Photography

Help Protect the Second Amendment

was fidgeting with my manual settings to try & get something cool & got this awesome shot!
wedding band on a 50 cal round :) picture was taken in our safe so the lighting wasn’t the best but I just love this photo
which one does everyone like? I love the shorter one but maybe with the color of the longer one?
love this! (found on Dustin Ellermann’s FB page)
our AR mags from MidwayUsa! :) Now we just need our AR’s haha
read fifty shades
keep calm & carry on :)
one of my fave pics :)
Darn right